Where is Love?

From my journal entry August 12, 2017…

And we cry, “Where is Love?”

In the midst of darkness and chaos, we kept silent;

As venom of hatred is perpetuated in mean-spirited actions.

As racism, masked by supremacy of who is better

beyond the war of words escalating into the senselessness of violence.

And we cry, “Where is Love?”

Growing bigotry stemming from hopelessness and fear

Mars the dignity of each human being.

Whether perpetrator or peace maker

Pointing fingers or guns matter not.

And we cry, “Where is Love?”

Spewed words angrily articulated…

But then the silence – the heartbreaking silence

“A chicken in every pot” echoes from years past

when fearful people lived in conspiracy rather than truth.

And we cry, “Where is Love?”

Social media, YouTube and network and cable news broadcast

the difficult images of a small beloved college town under siege.

In disbelief, our hearts become heavy as we wonder

“How in the hell did we get here?”

And we cry, “Where is Love?”

Then we hear faintly, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”

Leaders of churches, arm in arm, proclaiming the Gospel of Love

And the song crescendos beyond the din of the others.

“Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

Yet, we still cry, “Where is Love?”

As children of one God, we pray that:

We may have courage to promote truth and speak out against lies.

We may forgive ourselves for looking the other way.

We may humbly work towards harmony with all brothers and sisters.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen


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