Joys of Traveling – Packing Tips

I use a 20″ suitcase and a “purse” for international 9-14 days of travel. Check out my packing tips on the YouTube video link.

LINK to International Travel: helpful hints in minimizing your packing with a plan and a basic wardrobe.


After years of traveling, there are some favorite items I take with me. See my tips on traveling for an upcoming trip to Italy so the emphasis is on the experience and not on the stress of lugging around too much luggage.

Also, creatively modify how you pack with using what you already have:

1. Old school backpack rather than a new carry-on
2. Ziploc bags rather than packing cubes and small bags
3. Plastic grocery bags to pack your shoes

Travelpro Luggage (size correction 20″):…


Ecco Shoes:…|pcrid|54121900520|&gclid=CNr4zOz81c0CFYhffgodIcQGXw

Mycra Pac Packable Travel Reversible Coat:…

IKEA Packing Cubes:…

Ric Steves Packing Cubes:…


Weatherproof 32 Degrees shirt:


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