SONG:  Be Praised My Lord (Laudato si)

Pope Francis’ encyclical on ecology, Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home was released June 18, 2015.
Be Praised My Lord by Teresa Cobarrubia Yoder is a prayerful expression and musical response to Pope Francis’ encyclical on ecology, Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home (June 18, 2015). The lyrics, derived from the encyclical’s title, are from St. Francis of Assisi’s poem and prayer, “Canticle of the Creatures/Sun” – God is praised for all creation.

Link to Be Praised My Lord (Melody for the assembly)


Contact for music scores.

Performance notes:

Written in ABA form, flexible modifications are provided for either a choral anthem, an assembly piece and a treble choir.
Choral Anthem
Option 1: SATB CHOIR: Because the melody line is shifted from Altos and Tenors in sections A/C to Sopranos and Basses in section B, musicians are reminded that the melody line should hold prominence with the other lines complimenting the song.
Section A is repeated three times:

Altos and Tenors sing the melody

Basses join in the repeat on their countermelody

Sopranos join in on the third time with a modified descant

Section B (measure 9) can be repeated two or three times:

Note that the melody shifts to the Sopranos and Basses in a homophonic texture with the Altos and Tenors

Section A returns (texture dynamics beings utilized)

SATB are singing simultaneous.

The Sopranos will sing their part once

Basses will sing their part twice

The melody (Altos and Tenors) will sing their parts three times

SATB will join in the last two measures at pp
Option 2: SAB CHOIR, drop the tenor line.

Option 3: WITH CONGREGATIONAL PARTICIPATION, it is suggested that the cantor/song leader facilitate the singing.

Options 4, 5, 6, 7: WITH ACCOMPANIMENT- Written primarily a cappella, possible accompaniments are listed:

SATB with percussion (bodhran, djembe or congos – simple rhythmic scheme)

Congregational use with piano and/or guitars filling in the harmonic structure (piano: melody and harmony)

SATB with handbells

2-part (SA) treble chorus with Orff instruments
Copyright © 2015 Teresa Cobarrubia Yoder. All rights reserved.



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